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Hearing and Vision Together!

Comprehensive Hearing Programs for Ophthalmologists

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Hearing Program for Ophthalmologists and Optometrists

Get the facts about your future hearing program and how PHSI will guide you through every step of the way to develop this parallel clinical service. Vision and Hearing Together with PHSI.

Introducing Hearing Aids

Identifying hearing loss is a vital task that has many factors. Read about signs of hearing loss and the relationships between hearing loss and vision deterioration.

Hearing Program Testimonials

Learn more about the successful experiences of doctors who have incorporated hearing exams and hearing aids into their health care services.

Experienced in Hearing

Our senior partners are veteran executives from the hearing and healthcare industries. We pride ourselves on unparalleled expertise in bringing hearing programs to vision practices.


PHSI is proud to announce the addition of Neuromonics Tinnitus Treatment Products. Find out about the different devices and services available from Neuromonics here

PHSI is proud to sell Siemens new BINAX Line of Hearing aids

PHSI is proud to sell Phonak's new Phonak Audéo V Line of Hearing aids.

PHSI is proud to have developed our own fully capable Hearing Screening System, PureTonePlus©. Based on a state of the art Tablet, High Quality reference headphones and custom designed software PureTonePlus© is set to revolutionize the rapid and efficient screening of patients and develop and increase hearing aid sales for your business. Watch in the coming weeks for further information on PureTonePlus©.


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